"We beat the competition by delivering exceptional craftsmanship, creative designs, all in a truly affordable package."

- Francis, Co Founder


Ever had a headache finding the perfect the next jewelry piece to add to your collection? And when you do find something, you see that you're asked to pay for a brand name, and not the actual product.

People struggle finding the perfect balance of quality, price and design. Everybody wants a piece that's affordable, unique and high quality. 

The Gasper, was born in London, UK, as a solution to this problem. Forget paying a fortune for a ring or chain that you wanted to ice your latest outfit with.  We are the final nail for overpriced jewelry.


Each piece of our jewelry started with an idea, and all of the details were produced by blindly following that small flicker of creativity, letting the idea unwrap itself.

Every small detail thought through and sketched on to a piece of paper. It is then expertly and thoroughly hand crafted.


For our jewelry, we stick to the most durable and cost effective metal around, 316 Stainless steel. The biggest benefit of using Stainless steel over precious metal is that we are able to create the same exact visual and quality properties, while keeping the price affordable. We are making jewelry for creative self expression, not to feed ones ego.
To create the natural gold shines, we coat each piece with 18K Gold using vacuum sealing. A thick layer of gold applied with the latest technology ensures that the piece does not loose any color or leave stains even after dropping it underwater.


We strive to provide you with the best possible experience when shopping with us, and the thousands of happy customers that choose to shop with us again is the thing that motivates us the most. See for yourself!